Requirements to obtain your Self Access Centre (SAC) identity card :


  Bank deposit slip of the course you are attending.

Attend according to the course you are enroll in the following dates:

from September 23rd to October 25th

Check the date of the course that corresponds to you:

1.   You might pay a surcharge if your procedure is made after the dates mentioned above.

2.    Access to the web site in this site you may check your attendances, e-Tutoring and information on-line about the SAC.

3.   To corroborate your attendances on the web site type your ID number and your password.

4.    If you are willing to attend to the SAC, we will advice to make your enrollment process on time.

In case you have any question, explanation or doubts, do not hesitate to contact the SAC´s Coordinator.

Please read the information in the web site in order to get more information about SAC duties.


All procedure for CAA services, will have to ask for reference card  of the Faculty and to pay in the HSBC Bank  with the refencia 81 (services of laboratory).

Centro de Auto Acceso
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